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Making an impact as part of your PhD

At and within the Tilburg University, we help PhD’s translate their research into impact 


 Help PhD students and the university in their ambition to make an impact with their research

Valorization is the third task of universities. Researchers also want to make an impact with their research, but sometimes lack the skills and opportunities to do so smoothly within their busy academic schedules. There is little room, but a great need for it.


PhD Valorisation Program 

A 6-month education and hands-on program for PhDs from all faculties who want to convert their research into propositions that have a positive impact on society. Researchers master the steps to make their individual research even more valuable. They also develop skills that help them in their own research and increase their valorisation capacity


For PhD students at the university, learning to make an impact is now an option

Dozens of PhDs have now followed the programme. This has led to new companies (with assignments for the European Commission, among others), validated policy innovations and events where science is translated to a wider audience. But above all, this program is growing the community of scientists who want and are able to apply their research for societal purposes and impact.

"Participating in the program challenged me to think about my research and to re-think it in a way that it can be transmitted to lay audiences. This is very challenging for many of us as academics, since we are trained to discuss our findings for academic audiences. I think it is important for PhD candidates to receive this kind of training during their doctoral research, because we are the researchers of the future, and we have to make sure that our research can have a positive impact in society. Being able to adequately share our findings can be helpful for addressing issues that affect not only our own societies but potentially the entire world. The best thing about this program was the challenge it posed, and how I had to constantly think about my research. It helped me gain a deeper understanding of my own work than I initially expected."


Valorisation Program as a permanent program at Tilburg University

The method is structurally included as part of the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO) of Tilburg University. This means that scientists are given the opportunity to valorise their research every year.

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