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Career Swifters: Extracurriculars (how and why)

Career Swifters: Extracurriculars (how and why)

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About Career Swifters

We provide the Career Swifters Program to all PhD’s whom are ready for the next step in their career. For many, the world of academia does no longer fulfill their personal and professional aspirations. For others, a postdoc position is far out of reach due to the competitiveness for positions within academia. That is where we come in to help: we provide PhDs with the necessary tools to optimize their career possibilities throughout our action-based Career Swifters Program.

About the workshop

During this workshop, we will continue to work on your skills passport, now zooming in on the skill gaps. Which ways are there to feasibly gain some extra skills next to your PhD? And how should you do this in the limited time that you have while having fun? We will provide you with concrete insights about different programs, projects and other extracurriculars and explain how they will contribute to finding your job. Additionally, we will help you integrate these extracurriculars alongside your PhD and/or job search, and make a personalized roadmap with you.

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Date And Time

2023-12-15 @ 09:00 AM

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