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Turn your academic power into impact

At THRIVE we have a special place for PhD candidates in our own PhD Academy. Here, experienced experts invest in your personal and professional development to help you flourish as a researcher. Above all, you will become equipped with an entrepreneurial skill set to help you turn your academic knowledge into applicable impact tools and opportunities. Ultimately, this will benefit you as a person and society as a whole: a win-win


Live oppurtunities

Erasmus University Career Swifters

Join fellow PhDs in finding your calling by reframing your academic skill set and turning yourself into a hot commodity on the job market. You will gain insights on how to bridge the skills gap between academia and the labor market to improve your job prospects after your PhD trajectory.


Tilburg University Valorisation Program

We believe that Valorisation is the key that unlocks societal impact. During the Valorisation Program, we want to help you do just that. We will help you maxi-mize the impact that your PhD research can and should have on society. Join like-minded PhDs on your journey to create research-based interventions that change the status quo!


Our mission is to empower you and fellow PhD candidates to unlock your full potential. At THRIVE, we believe that PhDs possess an exceptional range of talent and skills that can be utilized for creating societal impact. In our programs, we provide PhD’s with the tools they need to do just that through our PhD Academy. Our action-focused programs are designed by and for academics to empower PhD candidates to enhance their academic and non-academic abilities in and outside of academia. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and equip PhD candidates to become leaders in their field of expertise and make a positive impact on society.


Develop a non-academic skillset

Gain a new network

Create a complexity- focused mindset

Gain research-based impact tools

Our programs

PhDs from all backgrounds have done amazing things in our programs

''After I finished the Career Swifters program, I was contacted by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau) to work for them under secondment. Thinking back about what I had learned during the Career Swifters course, I thought to myself I should seize this opportunity! During the second half of 2022, I put my PhD on hold and worked for the SCP to gain new work experience. This experience exposed me to the different work environments outside academia and helped me establish a new network. The Career Swifters program really helped me determine what kind of job I want to pursue after I finish my PhD.''


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Purpose Accelerator - Tackling Illiteracy

2.5 Million people in the Netherlands are functionally illiterate. This means an increasing dependency on others, lack of digital opportunities and reduced wellbeing. The municipality of Zoetermeer has formulated the ambition to tackle this complex societal problem.

The joint ambition is to contribute to the decrease of functional illiteracy in the municipality of Zoetermeer by improving the structural support system available.

Purpose Accelerator - Circular Health

Did you know that more than 7% of the Dutch CO2 emissions are caused by hospitals? With the large use of equipment and materials that are necessary to save lives, but at the same time causing damage in other ways.

This talented group focuses on the ICs in times of crises, where the use of product is at an all time high. They are researching this topic and trying to think of ways to make a ‘green IC’. Watch out for the results!

Purpose Accelerator - Post growth

Now that the boundaries of our current welfare system are more clearly run up against – with the inseparable principle of economic growth – it is time to seriously consider an economic post-growth and/or even de-growth scenario.

What does our society look like without economic growth? How are we going to organize society differently? How can we manage with less economic activity? How can we best absorb and solve long-term economic contraction? This group of PhD candidates is working on that.

Do you want to join one of these programs, but does your university not yet provide the opportunity?

Contact us and we will get in touch with your university to set it up!