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Valorisation Program

Learn how to apply your PhD research to make a societal impact!

Are you a PhD candidate aspiring to make scientific as well as societal impact? Do you wonder hów you can make impact with your research? Do you want to actively develop your professional and personal skills and broaden your network? In the Valorisation Program you go through a learning experience in which you discover how you can make impact that is driven by your PhD. Valorisation experts guide you to make your personal valorisation proposition and work with you on how you go into the world and make that societal impact. Next to this, you develop both personal and professional skills ánd build a new network.

Overview learning program

The Valorisation Program is a program where you learn valorisation, the process of applying/translating your research into practice to create societal value, step for step. The goal of these six months is to translate your knowledge into products, services, processes and entrepreneurial activities and making it suitable for economic and societal use. And you get the tools and guidance to create a solid and tailor-made valorisation product and plan, and get into the world to make things happen. In other words: to make an impact!

We focus on developing a mix of new skills: entrepreneurial skills to make research-based societal impact, communication skills on how to communicate your ideas to organizations outside of academia and networking skills on growing your network and setting up collaborations.

As valorization can take many forms, we guide you in creating, developing and testing your tailor-made valorisation ‘product’. The six workshops touch upon different themes that are essential for your impact journey. You not only learn the technical steps, we also work on developing professional skills that benefit you inside and outside of academia.

Next to this, you get 3 personal coaching sessions with valorisation experts in which you can discuss your ideas, challenges and ambitions. We work together with you to make your impact ambitions become reality.

What you get

6 workshops

2 personal coaching sessions

New professional network

They went before you

“The most beneficial aspect of the valorisation programme was that I had an opportunity to explore the use of different impact models for my PhD research project, to develop impact content and to explore ways to pitch my ideas to organisations I wish to partner with.” – Hellen

“Are you still wondering whether you should apply to the Ph.D. Valorisation Program? These are my top three gains out of the program:

1) Personalised and practical advise
2) Great mentors
3) You meet amazing people and sometimes end up where you have never expected.” – Judith

“I loved taking part at the THRIVE PhD Valorisation programme. I have learned to translate my research results into practice. The trainers from THRIVE have helped me to take my first steps to think about the target group. Better said, thinking in terms of ‘pain & gain’. Additionally, I have learned that it is all about doing!” – Sjannie Marie

We do this together with

Our take on valorisation

Often times, ‘valorisation’ has an economic (i.e. money making) connotation. This is not necessarily true. There are multiple ways to use research and translate that into something that is beneficial for society. Therefore, in the Valorisation Program, we do not train you to become an entrepreneur (this is of course an option if you want to be), but we figure out with you what the best way of research driven impact means for YOU. This could also mean valorisation ‘products’ in the shape of workshops, a toolbox, popular science publications, blogs, or other creative products.

So, what do you think?

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I definitely want to apply!

If you are a PhD candidate of Tilburg University, send in your application (CV + motivation) to before Sept 19 2022.